A day away from the sun (poem)

A day away from the sun; Just follow the rays to the bedroom, Whereupon you’ll find me. Clothes slapdashedly splayed On the tarnished, royal curls of the carpet; Upon the bed, I’ll be purring. Hop on; try to forget about the heat. A day away from the sun

Troubled Sleep: Partial Review (SPOILER ALERT)

Sartre’s writing is fantastic. I personally, really enjoy it. I’m currently reading the third and final part of his pre-and mid-war The Roads to Freedom trilogy, Troubled Sleep. The novel is set just prior to the fall of Paris in 1941, perhaps as even as early as 1940. At the very start of the novel, […]

Lovely day @ the beach (poem)

Seagulls dipping over the chalky, brown dunes; Harsh blades and grains splaying up to whip against their wings. Ebbing and flowing, Green and dark blue waves, tinged with a mull of brown, Froth up onto the front. Here we are – Watching from the sanctity of the car. “Bit windy out there, Love” “Wanna’ head […]

Melancholia (poem)

Melancholia is a funny word. Whilst the first half makes one think of melons, The second half grounds one into knowing its viciousness. It’s pervasive, and its name only highlights it – It’s a great name, deserving of its weight. By the time you, the sufferer, get to the “-cholia” part, You wish for the […]


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